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DuinoFinder is a file manager for Http-Server. You can copy & paste files and directories, delete or rename them. It works with Http-Server which supportes the commands "PUT" and "DELETE", for remote renaming "MOVE" is necessary. The use of the clipboard is compatible to MacOS Finder and other file manager, so you can copy from and paste into other applications with the hotkeys Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V or the ContextMenu.
DuinoFinder is designed for an easy-to-use remote file managing on private Http-Server like Netduino and many others.

It supports:
- upload / download / delete files and directories
- multiselection (files and directories mixed)
- rename of local files and directories
- rename of remote files and directories if your server supports "MOVE" like DuinoServer or AWebServer
- a contextmenu and hotkeys for all actions
- copy from and paste into other applications (cut is not supported, use copy and delete later)
- a history for the address bar

If you use copy from a remote source, it will start downloading your selection immediately and store the data in the temporary directory: Environment.SpecialFolder.ApplicationData ( = home/.config/ ) +/DuinoFinder /tmpDir
All former stored data will be deleted.
There is a progress bar showing the download / upload progress. But it works only as a simple item counter, no matter of size of files or number of files and subdirectories in directories.
After finishing download you can paste as often as you like, even into other applications, from the above mentioned local folder.
While running remote operations, the treeview is disabled to avoid error messages, and the cancel button is enabled.


For an correct parsing of the remote source, the server must respond in the following html format:

files: ...>date size <a href="path">name</a>...
directories: ...>date dir <a href="path">name</a>...

If not, it will not be recognized and skipped.
Here an example:

<meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8">
2011-06-01 02:06 &lt;dir&gt; <a href="">Web</a><br>
2011-06-01 01:43 &lt;dir&gt; <a href="">tmp</a><br>
2011-06-01 12:52 &lt;dir&gt; <a href="">WEBROOT</a><br>
2011-06-01 12:52 &lt;dir&gt; <a href="">RemoteApp</a><br>
2011-06-01 12:52 37 <a href="">HelloWorld.txt</a><br>

If your server responds in an different manner, override the method: ToDirInfo(string cont) in HttpClient
and return your parsing result or use DuinoServer (available on

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