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DuinoFinder is an file manager on MacOSX for Http-Server, especially for DuinoServer or AWebServer. You can copy & paste files and directories, delete or rename them. This works to and from a Http-Server which supportes the commands "PUT" and "DELETE" and your local filesystem. The use of the clipboard is compatible to MacOS Finder and other file manager, so you can copy from and paste into other applications with the hotkeys Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V (or Cmd-C and Cmd-V) or the ContextMenu.
DuinoFinder is designed for an easy-to-use remote file managing on private Http-Server like Netduino, Arduino and many others.


It implements a discovery, which looks for potential servers via UDP, and enables to establish a connection by click.


There is a editor for sending and receiving json - commands, like switching the on-board led.


DuinoFinder is written in C# with MonoDevelop by using GTK and requieres the Mono framwork for Mac OS-X from the mono project, see

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